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Web Info Light | With experience and expertise in diverse open source platforms, we have the ability to create cutting-edge solutions for each one of them. While developing an open source solution, our developers focus on meeting all client requirements and create a solution that is completely goal oriented.

WordPress is the open source platform, which is a CMS (Content Management System). This platform creates admirable and incredible websites quickly as the platform easily manages content available on the website. Changes can be made on the website by the user and can be made live in few minutes. When the website is created with the use of Wordpress then CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP are the main and common platforms used with it. Brochure style websites, news and blogging websites, e-commerce websites, career and job posting websites are the various websites which are designed by using WordPress platform.
Joomla is one of the best open source content management systems available today. It is used majorly to improve user experience and make a website present itself appropriately to the people it is targeted at. Web View Solution is one of the companies that offer Joomla development to businesses in order to make their e-commerce website more attractive with the help of the features that are made available. Online shopping carts, project management, directories, platforms and product catalogs are some of the features that allow an e-commerce website to be more functional and useful to the visitors. Most of these features are very profitable for businesses looking to start their e-commerce venture on the internet.
In this competitive business world, Magento is the most effective and admirable open source platforms for web development. It is also considered as the flexible tool in creating attractive and powerful websites and cart. To create an e-commerce website, Magento templates offer some of the best designs and tempting layouts. Nowadays, quite a large number of online business owners use this open source technology to lift the sales and productivity of their businesses. Besides its unique e-commerce features, Magento is also quite helpful for SEO purpose. With this web application, one can enhance the ranking of their website on all search engines that includes Ė Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing.
OS Commerce, Zen Cart, SMF
A worthy payment gateway has developed the main part in carrying out the transactions with effortlessness. It deals with sending the credit card material to the clienteles and then sanctioning the whole procedure of acquiring and marketing. OS Commerce is certainly very particular when it comes to payment gateways. It makes sure that the perfect payment solution it provides makes the user experience more interconnecting and protected. The border and designing of payment gateway should be favorable to appeal clienteles. Here are distinct gateways that confirm to offer stable and safe payments solution for clienteles. This is one of the vital features to deliberate for any business initiative when it derives to client fulfilment.